mSkin Pricing for our Treatments

Aesthtetic Medicine and BHRT Consultations

First Consultation Aesthetic Medicine 10 min complimentary
BHRT Initial Consultation 45min £280
BHRT Follow Up Consultation 30min £195
Email (medical questions) £40+ depending on complexity
Repeat Prescription £40

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

1 area £230
2 area £325
3 area £365
Hyperhydrosis (Treatment for Excessive Sweating Armpits or Forehead) £445

Dermal Fillers

Syringe with 0,5ml £325
Syringe with 1ml £365
Lips Price on demand (starting from £325)
5 point Lift Price on demand (starting from £460)
Cheek Dermal Filler Price on demand (starting from £460)
Vaginal rejuvenation Price on demand (starting from £460)
Tear Trough Dermal Filler (starting from £390)
SkinBooster £220

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels with Glycolic Acid or TCA starting at £220

Blood tests

Basic Hormone Blood Test £140
Standard Hormone Blood Test £160
Advanced Hormone Blood Test £345
Male Hormone Blood Test £145
Fit for Life £395
Hair Loss Profile £410

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