Looking after your treatment

You’ll be given specialist treatment aftercare advice. For details of our personalised aftercare plan, please send us a note.

You’ll receive skin-health advice and guidance on how to care for the treated area or areas to avoid discomfort.

A free follow-up appointment can be scheduled two weeks after your treatment to assess the effects and administer any top-up treatments if necessary.

Advice and guidance on hormone therapy

Please contact our doctor to discuss.

We will provide guidance during your consultation so that you have clear instructions when you are ready to start your treatment.

Advice and guidance on wrinkle-relaxing injections

The aftercare advice following wrinkle-relaxing injections typically includes:

– Do not massage the areas treated
– Frown and smile every 10 minutes for an hour
– Do not bend excessively or lie down for at least 4 hours
– Do not apply make-up for up to four hours after the procedure but mineral based
make-up can be used immediately
– Avoid sun beds and saunas for four days after the procedure
– Do not consume excessive alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure
– Do not do any aerobic exercise for 24 hours after the procedure
– Do not go to sleep for four hours after the procedure and try to sleep lying flat in
bed the night after the procedure

More detailed aftercare advice and information is supplied after your procedure.

Advice and guidance on dermal fillers

The aftercare advice following dermal fillers typically includes:-

– Avoid sauna, gym/sport, sun-bed and air-travel for three days
– Do not massage the treated area for one day – gentle massage
can be done after this over a clean cloth

You may initially be swollen, red and bruised, which will subside within the next 1 – 10 days, especially if the bruising is extensive.

A full, comprehensive set of aftercare instructions will be provided after your treatment.