A frequently asked question is, what is the difference between bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and body identical hormone replacement therapy? Both forms are plant based and contain the same hormones, which are identical to those in your body.

Key differences

In compounded Bio-identical HRT the hormones are produced by a compounding pharmacy and mixed into creams or lozenges. A doctor will send a prescription to a specialist pharmacy and produced to your needs.
In compounded Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy doctors often prescribe progesterone as creams whereas in regulated Bio-Identical HRT micronised progesterone is available as capsules. See treatment administration below for more details.

In regulated Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy the hormones are produced by pharmaceutical companies and undergo strictest testing and regulations. In regulated Bio-identical HRT we use the same ingredients such as 17-beta oestradiol (as a gel or a patch), natural micronsied progesterone (in  capsule form) and testosterone (as a gel or cream) in female dosages to improve symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, reduced libido, lack of drive and sleep disturbances, which are frequently seen in Menopause, as well as symptoms caused by Premenstrual Syndrome, also known as PMS.

We will individualise regulated Bio-identical HRT treatment to your needs and you will be able to buy the Bio-identical HRT in your local pharmacy with a private prescription.

Average of menopause age

The average of menopause is 52 years, however some women experience symptoms of menopause earlier, which if under 45 years is also known as Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI). At mSkin we treat women of all ages and can direct you to excellent POI clinics and support groups.

British Menopause Society

The British Menopause Society (BMS) consider regulated Bio-identical HRT to be safer than compounded Bio-identical HRT.

The differences in administration of the two HRT treatments are show below.

Regulated Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

• Oestradiol available as a gel or a patch
• Natural progesterone available as a capsule
• Testosterone available as a gel

Compounded Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

• Oestradiol available as a cream or lozenges
• Natural progesterone available as cream or lozenges
• Testosterone available as a cream or lozenges

Whichever treatment option you decide on ensure you do your research. Although ‘Bio’ sounds like a more modern word it is good to understand the differences and mSkin is here to discuss those with you.

If you feel you are experiencing symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances you can book a consultation with Dr. Liz McCulloch to discuss.

Dr. Liz McCulloch is a member of the British Menopause Society with a certificate in Menopause Care and is a practicing GP in the Brighton and Hove area.